Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Erring on the side of death

According to the leader of an investigative panel that Governor Mitt Romney appointed, "''Haleigh (Poutre)'s case represents a frightening confluence of a healthcare system ignorant of abuse and a child-protection system ignorant of medicine."

They also note that Haleigh almost died because "flawed or insufficient information was given to the state agencies, medical centers, and court systems that were supposed to protect her."

Prolifeblogs notes,
"Although the panel ripped the system and recommended more government, procedures and processes, I've seen no admission of guilt or acknowledgement of a fundamental problem related to the diagnosis of PVS and its subsequent use to terminate a patient. What in the world is a state agency doing attempting to euthanasize a young girl shortly after her incapacitation?...

It is now widely known that Haleigh was the victim of a fatally broken bureaucracy. Even worse, she was almost a fatality of a defective and crumbling death oriented medical system and a twisted judicial process."

Situations like Haleigh's will continue to happen if some individuals in medical community continue to err on the side of death and accept that death is somehow the answer to patients who are seriously incapacitated.

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