Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time for a reality check Soraya Chemaly - a baby that lives for 3 days after being born isn't a fetus

UPDATE: Chemaly has corrected her post after I tweeted her. She now notes the child was a newborn.

RHReality Check writers are going all out to defend Bei Bei Shuai, a woman whose suicide attempt ended up killing her child.

Soraya Chemaly even uses the term "fetus" to describe the child.
Last week, the Indiana Supreme Court declined to drop feticide and murder charges against a woman named Bei Bei Shuai, who has been in jail for 14 months and faces 45 years in prison because, after attempting suicide while pregnant, her fetus died.

Actually, if Chemaly examined the article she links to, she would discover a fetus didn't die but a newborn infant (born at 33 weeks) did. Three days after being born.
Shuai's attorneys contend the Chinese immigrant living in Indianapolis ate rat poison in a suicide attempt, not to kill her baby, and that she was suffering from depression. Prosecutors have said she wanted the baby to die. The baby died three days after being born.

Are newborn children who die three days after being born now considered fetuses to the pro-choice movement?

I guess that's the logical extension of abortion arguments. A woman's right to control her body and end her pregnancy how and when she sees fit also includes the right not to be prosecuted if the means of killing's one child results in a living baby who happens to die after birth. As long the decision to kill and effort to do so is made while the child is still inside the mother (or at least partially), when the child dies matters not a wink.

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