Monday, May 07, 2012

Life Links 5/7/12

Pro-abortion protesters are back to their usual tricks at an event where Abby Johnson spoke at the University of Washington.
Johnson travels to college campuses across the country to give talks. Last night's was called, "From Pro-choice to Pro-life," more commonly known as, "Do Women Have Too Many Rights?"

But the talk ended early after UWPD officers began to forcefully remove protesters they believed were being disruptive. One woman was arrested and taken into custody but was released after receiving a citation for disorderly conduct. The question-and-answer session that was scheduled after the talk was canceled.

Numerous protestors crowded in the back of the room, holding up their signs of disapproval as Johnson spoke.

"My body my f---ing choice," and "When abortion is illegal women die" were written across two of the signs.

The atmosphere of the room was everything but calm as the audience shouted and raised their signs, interrupting Johnson as she tried to speak.

In Israel, a man and two of his friends allegedly kept his girlfriend jailed for a week in an apartment after she refused to have an abortion. Thankfully, the stupid criminals gave her a cell phone.
A few weeks ago, the young woman told the man she was pregnant and said that she wished them to get married and have the baby. The man refused and insisted she would have an abortion, and threatened her that if she doesn't, he and his friends would do it themselves.

The police chief said that after she refused the ultimatum, , the man and two of his friends confined the young woman to an abandoned apartment in Shfaram. The woman said that one of the suspects brought her food and drinks and sometimes even provided her with a cell phone so she can contact her family and tell them she is still in Shfaram and that they shouldn't be worried.

In Australia, an inquest is hearing how a woman died after having an abortion.
A senior ambulance paramedic has told a coronial inquest, a Hunter woman who died after an abortion was in severe anaphylactic shock when he began treating her.

29-year-old Helen Grainger died at Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital in April 2007.

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