Monday, May 07, 2012

South Korean authorities finds human fetal remains in pills from China

The Wall Street Journal and ABC are covering the story out of South Korea that pills with human remains were smuggled out of China. The pills are allegedly made using the remains of aborted children and dead infants. This is horrific. From the WSJ:
South Korean customs officials are boosting efforts to stamp out illegal smuggling of drugs that are allegedly coming from China. Reason: The drugs supposedly contain human flesh.

Since August, Korean authorities have discovered nearly 17,500 of the human flesh capsules in the luggage of tourists and in international mail, the state-run Korea Customs service said in a statement Monday.

The pills, disguised as performance enhancement drugs, have been smuggled in by ethnic Koreans living in northern Chinese cities and contain so-called super bacteria that is hazardous to human health, the statement said.

South Korea's crackdown on the drugs began last year after SBS, one of the nation's major television broadcasters, ran a documentary accusing Chinese pharmaceutical companies of collaborating with abortion clinics to make pills allegedly made of human fetuses and the remains of dead infants.
Why would anyone want to take pills made from the bodies of human beings?
Chinese folklore promotes the belief that a human fetus can cure disease and help with circulation and sexual performance.

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