Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Planned Parenthood spokesperson admits that prolife legislation lowers abortion rates

I can't remember how many times I've read pro-choice bloggers or employees of pro-choice organizations stating that prolife legislation doesn't do anything to reduce the number of abortions. Their arguments are usually wrapped up with something like, "If women want abortions, then they'll get them."

But today I came across this article in the Austin Independent which discusses prolife media organizations led by Brian Follett. In the article, Follett states his organization's media campaigns have been effective in lowering the abortion ratio in Austin area.

Not so says the local Planned Parenthood spokesperson. That reduction was caused by.....prolife legislation.
Sarah Wheat, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood in Austin, attributed the decline to state legislation passed in 2003 and 2005 that established a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion, required parental consent before a teenager can have an abortion, and instituted severe restrictions on abortions after 16 weeks beyond conception.

“These laws had an immediate and direct impact on reducing abortions, as they were intended,” Wheat said. “It’s much harder to be a provider of abortions.”
Uh-oh. Somebody forgot to give Sarah Wheat the memo.

One of the last things pro-choicers want to admit is that prolife legislation reduces abortions.

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  1. Because rejection of the pregnancy is self-limiting (much like the itch caused by poison ivy; it goes away on its own), every 24 hours that pass reduce the likelihood that the woman will end up on the abortion table. Which is part of why the abortion lobby likes to push, push, push for early abortion.

    Yeah, they claim their reasons are altruistic -- it's less traumatic and safer -- but this doesn't match the rest of their rhetoric (that abortion is purely a relief and virtually risk-free). Follow the money.