Monday, December 20, 2010

Overheard - Veganism + Pro-Choice = Nonsense

Abortion Gang member ProChoiceGal attempts to explain how her veganism and her pro-choice views complete each other.
I am vegan for the many of the same reasons I’m pro-choice. I have a deep appreciation for life; my veganism and my pro-choice activism both stem from this appreciation. I believe that all sentient life has undeniable value and should be respected (unlike antis, who seem to believe that non sentient life has undeniable value and all sentient life must be disrespected). I respect non-human animal life as well as human life; this is where my veganism comes from. I see as pig as having as much value as a dog, a cat, or a human.

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  1. Not everyone in the vegan/vegetarian community has such a huge disconnect.