Friday, December 24, 2010

Only at Planned Parenthood: Steal 5K, Get Promoted

Is the abortion industry so desperate for employees that they're willing to promote someone from Director of Finance to Chief Operating Officer because as Director of Finance they stole money from the organization and can't be trusted to be put in charge of finances?
An audit has discovered that the Director of Finance at the Planned Parenthood of Southwest Michigan abortion business used donations to pay for personal expenses.

Rene Davis used approximately $5,000 in abortion company money to pay for personal expenses but, instead of getting fired, she became the organization’s Chief Operating Officer. This wasn’t the first time Davis has used personal funds from her business and she had been made to take a diversion course after she did so on her last job.

WWMT News Channel 3 obtained a statement from Rev. Mark Pawlowski, the Planned Parenthood CEO.

“It came to our attention and we were duly diligent in investigating it. The employee faced disciplinary action and is no longer responsible for any financial duties within the organization,” he said.

But the television station indicates Davis was not fired but was named the COO of the abortion business at a time when other Planned Parenthood employees have been laid off because of economic reasons.

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