Monday, November 22, 2010

"You can see that it resembles a human..."

The Toronto Star has a long piece on abortion in Canada featuring the story of an abortionist-in-training who began struggling with performing abortions after he and his partner (they're gay) decided they wanted to adopt a child.
His belief that women had the right to do what they wanted with their bodies was steadfast during his medical training in London, Ont.

It solidified further after he spent a month learning how to perform abortions at the Morgentaler Clinic in Toronto. He found that he enjoyed the work and was not put off by a woman's tears or the tissue he extracted from her womb.....

As James's desire to have a family deepened, he began to think an uneasy thing: how could he terminate pregnancies when each abortion meant there would be one less child for adoption?

He also wondered how he would explain what he did for a living to his adopted child. After all, wouldn't his son or daughter have been born because the birth mother had not chosen abortion?
James remembers feeling a gentle shock each of those first few times. But even after viewing a second-term abortion, he was not haunted by what he saw.

"During the direct examination, you might see an arm or an umbilical cord or, even, the body. It doesn't all come out in one piece. With your imagination, you can see that it resembles a human.....

Though James recognizes that abortion kills something that "resembles a human" and every abortion means one less child available for adopted, he decides that being an abortionist (including doing later abortions) is his career path.
One year after questions started to swirl through his mind, he has made his choice.

James will be an abortion doctor.

Not only that, but James plans to do second-trimester abortions as part of his practice. He will step to the very front line, the place where there is greatest need — and greatest risk.

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  1. Note to the Toronto Star. An unborn child doesn't "resemble a human". It resembles a NEWBORN. Just as a newborn resembles a toddler, and a toddler resembles a preschooler, and a preschooler resembles a teenager....

    You don't change species as you age.