Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Links 11/18/10

The Live Action blog has a video by the Citizens for a Pro-Life Society showing what they discovered at abortion clinic dumpsters, including the remains of a number of unborn children aborted in the first trimester.

The LA Times has a piece by Valerie Ulene, M.D. about how unplanned pregnancies and how most of them happen when women fail to use contraceptives or use them improperly/inconsistently. Unsurprisingly, it's not prolifers who are to blame for the vast majority of women failing to use contraception.
A study published in 2009 in the Journal of Family Practice found that among contraception non-users, 87% cited at least one of the following reasons: "just not thinking about birth control," "not planning to have sex," "getting caught up in the heat of the moment" or "just went with the flow."
With few exceptions, unintended pregnancies are not "accidents." They are predictable consequences of having sex without contraception.

William Saletan now shares his advice for pro-choicers. I doubt pro-choicers are going to be taking him up on any of them (except #2 which they already claim to support) since they either completely undermine the slogan that pro-choicers "trust women" (moralizing about contraception, stigmatizing women who don't use contraception when they don't want to get pregnant and targeting women who get repeat abortions) or would hurt the abortion industry (embracing the value of the unborn and considering more restrictions on 2nd trimester abortions).

On abortion clinic in Yakima, Washington closed on Monday. Looks like an example of another independent clinic losing its business to Planned Parenthood.
"It's regrettable. We'd rather not have to close," said Beverly Whipple, one of the clinic's founders who steered it through turbulent times in the face of early anti-abortion protests.

She said that with the expansion of Planned Parenthood abortion services in recent years, the region is now overserved. "There isn't the patient volume for two main providers," Whipple said.

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