Thursday, November 11, 2010

"It was certainly not an easy decision to abort four of my unborn children."

The UK's The Sun has a story on a 22-year-old woman who has had four abortions, one at 22-weeks. Stacy Cutler attempts to explain her reasoning.
Stacy believes she made the right decision when terminating four pregnancies - one only two weeks before the legal limit of 24 weeks. She says: "It was certainly not an easy decision to abort four of my unborn children.

"But I realised that it would be unfair to bring those children in to the world when I barely had the money to look after my son.

Stacy, who was on the Pill when she fell pregnant all four times, feels that abortion is still too much of a taboo in this country.

She says: "Women who choose to have an abortion are criticised and looked down on.

"But it is far better than bringing a child into the world that you are unable to look after or afford.
Question: Does Stacy really think it is better to kill her unborn children (in her words) than have them be born poor? Or does she really not recognize that she is having her children killed?


  1. She'd not be in a position where she was choosing between killing her children and feeling unready to parent them if she'd keep her knees together until she found a man who was willing and able to support a family.

  2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Unemployed and low income families have an immense amount of financial support from the uk welfare state. (Not meaning to be petty, but she does not look as though she can't afford to eat.)Condoms are also free. If she feels she can't look after another child the answer is obvious of course - give a loving couple a chance at adoption. If she has serious emotional issues that would prevent her from bringing another child up, then this is not something pitiful, they should have been addressed after the 1st abortion. She's blind to her shorcomings, and blind to what she's done. She's only wanting to justify her repugnant, holier than thou statement, equating what she did with an act of selflessness and motherly responsibility. It's a big question that you ask but, no she doesn't recognise 'killing', and would probably smirk at you if you were to suggest this to her, as she is doing in her photo. Why so smug, Stacy??