Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life Links 2/25/10

According to Bart Stupak, around 15-20 House Democrats are withholding their support for Obama’s health care bill based on abortion and other issues.

Yesterday, Spain approved legislation to formally legalize abortion. The law will take effect in approximately 4-5 months.
The new law allows the procedure without restrictions up to 14 weeks and gives 16- and 17-year-olds the right to have abortions without parental consent. The senate's passage of the bill Wednesday gives it final approval....

Under the previous law, which dates back to 1985, Spanish women could in theory go to jail for getting an abortion outside certain strict limits — up to week 12 in case of rape and week 22 if the fetus is malformed.

But abortion has been in effect widely available because women can assert mental distress as sole grounds for having an abortion, regardless of how late the pregnancy is. Most of the more than 100,000 abortions carried out each year in Spain were early-term ones that fell under this category.

The NCAA has pulled a Focus on the Family web ad promoting a prolife message because of concerns over the group’s stance on gay marriage.

Gang members in Delaware are facing jail time after beating a pregnant teen.
She testified she was picked up Dec. 17, 2008, by one of the female gang members at Wilmington Hospital after she decided against getting an abortion and had called King to tell him about her decision. At the apartment, witnesses said King and Hicks questioned her about how long she had been pregnant. She said King did not believe he was the father....

Despite the savage assault, the girl testified she later successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

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