Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life Links 2/16/10

In Australia, a child has been born healthy after one doctor mistakenly thought the child had died, gave the woman misoprostol, and then a senior doctor pressured the mother to abort.
The doctor recommended termination using the drug misoprostol, but the drug did not work and a follow-up scan showed the foetus was still alive.

Later scans revealed the baby had fluid on the brain - a condition likely caused by the abortion drug Ms Vanderhook had been given.

Despite six other specialist opinions that the baby would be born normal, Ms Vanderhook says a senior obstetrician at Canberra Hospital continued to press her to terminate the baby, even at 31 weeks, when termination would have involved inducing labour.

"To have a baby induced and to watch him just die and not do anything about it? I was disgusted," Ms Vanderhook told the ABC.

The Vanderhook's barrister, Bernard Collaery, believes there is a simple explanation why the hospital was urging her to terminate the pregnancy.

"Away would go the litigation that might in the event of serious deformities produce a multi-million dollar verdict," he said.

Lila Rose links to the Alabama Department of Public Health's full report on the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Birmingham which has been placed on probation and calls for their license to be revoked. Besides the parental consent and failing to report statutory rape violations, the clinic had two expired suction pumps which weren't tagged to show they weren't available for use and temperature in the exam and treatment rooms was 90 degrees.

Hey, but never mind all that. According to Amanda Marcotte (who apparently hasn't taken the time to actually understand why the clinic was placed on probation), laws regulating abortion clinics are just more evidence of......you guessed it.....prolife misogyny and (get this) comparable to voting literacy tests.

How do you know that your billboard idea was successful? When papers from New York and Chicago cover billboards in Georgia (not to mention all the local news coverage), you've probably gotten more than you were expecting. Let's hope all this coverage makes a difference.

The southern gospel group Fresh Anointing won the Emerald Coast Southern Gospel Music Association’s Song of the Year for their prolife song "Third Voice."

Apparently, some University of Florida students need a lesson in basic human biology.
Nick Tomlinson, a senior geography major, disagreed.

"[A fetus] is just a string of cells," Tomlinson said. "It's not a human yet. That's the difference."

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  1. I bet all the brouhaha over Gitmo would fizzle like a wet smoke bomb if we started referring to the prisoners there as "militant post-natal fetuses". Once you attach the word "fetus" to somebody, the Left can't see the arms and legs and eyes or anything else.