Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Links 2/15/10

In his Washington Post column, Michael Gerson shares some information from Edwin Black’s recent book, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race.
Black points out that early last century, the American Breeders Association -- supported by generous grants from Andrew Carnegie -- created a committee to study “the best practical means for cutting off the defective germ-plasm of the American population.” The panel included doctors, economists and attorneys from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the University of Chicago.

Black continues: “During a number of subsequent conferences, they carefully debated the ‘problem of cutting off the supply of defectives,’ and systemically plotted a bold campaign of ‘purging the blood of the American people of the handicapping and deteriorating influences of these anti-social classes.’ Ten groups were eventually identified as ‘socially unfit’ and targeted for ‘elimination.’” Among those groups, according to Black, were the “feebleminded,” epileptics, the “insane,” the “deformed” and the “deaf.”

The Oregonian has an article on the opening and protest of a new large Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Portland, Oregon.

One of Tiger Woods’ mistresses is claiming she conceived two of Tiger’s children. Supposedly, one of them miscarried and she aborted the other without Tiger’s knowledge.

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  1. Gosh, I guess Tiger's porn star girlfriend was too poor and uneducated to know about birth control! Or maybe it was her sexually repressed background that left her too ashamed and embarrassed to seek contraception. Or maybe she was too poor to raise a child. Or...

    Hm... sounds like she had no excuse whatsoever for not using contraception. Sounds like she was just the prochoice poster child: A conscienceless slut who would bang anybody for money, and other women's husbands for kicks, and had no qualms about the fact that this would mean the conception of babies that she'd then pay somebody to kill for her so she could go right back on her back for money and kicks.

    And this, America, is what the Supreme Court found so inspiring that they needed to enshrine and defend it in "Planned Parenthood vs. Casey" -- though they dressed it up:

    An entire generation has come of age free to assume Roe's concept of liberty in defining the capacity of women to act in society, and to make reproductive decisions; no erosion of principle going to liberty or personal autonomy has left Roe's central holding a doctrinal remnant.

    In other words, people have gotten used to being cavalier about their sexual activities, and curtailing abortion would spoil the fun.

    Abortion as a "right" was upheld -- so that Tiger Woods' porn star mistress could avoid the embarrassment or discomfort or inconvenience or whatever of discussing contraception with the man she was committing adultery with.

    Doesn't it just make you proud to be an American?