Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Washington Post might want to think about getting a new White House correspondent

Last night during President Obama's first televised prime time press conference, the Washington Post press correspondent Michael Fletcher asked Obama the following question,
What is your reaction to Alex Rodriguez's admission that he used steroids as a member of the Texas Rangers?

I've found a list a alternative questions Michael Flectcher considered asking. Here they are:
Kobe Bryant recently scored 61 points against the New York Knicks, breaking Michael Jordan's single-game scoring record at Madison Square Gardens, your thoughts?

Who do you think the Detroit Lions should take with their #1 overall draft pick?

What was your reaction to the recently surfaced photograph of Michael Phelps using a bong?

Have you seen Slum Dog Millionaire, and if so, did you like it?

Do you have any reaction to the birth of Nadya Suleman's octuplets?

If Kris Brown actually attacked Rihanna, what do you think his punishment should be?

Seriously, is the Washington Post becoming the Access Hollywood of newspapers?

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