Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alternative Reality Check

Below are a few nonsensical posts I enjoyed at the RH Reality Check blog.

Erin Wethern writes that the case of a baby-faced 13-year-old British boy supposedly being a father should remind us that abstinence-only education doesn't work. No evidence is given that the boy or the young mother received abstinence-only education. In fact, Wethern notes that Britain is in the midst of introducing a new comprehensive sex and relationship curriculum.

Aspen Baker had some suggestions for what Obama should have said regarding abortion at last night's address. The suggestions really show the flimsiness of Baker's position. Basically, her thinking boils down to the idea that any choice a woman makes regarding a pregnancy is the right choice because they made it. Making a choice makes it the right one. One suggested quote is,
I believe that you were thoughtful and compassionate as you considered the heart-wrenching, life-altering and soul-splintering place that you were in regarding the potential for life within you. I respect your choice and the strength required to choose, and the courage to live, truly live alongside your choice each day."
Compassion doesn't seem like quite the right word here, does it? Especially when you know that close to half of all abortions are a woman's second abortion or more and around 20% of women entering an abortion clinic are getting their third or more abortion.

Kathleen Reeves writes,
For conservatives, it may be hard to imagine how people who have sex – and who don’t want to be parents – feel.
I agree that we need to teach responsibility. And there are times when even the best-educated, best-resourced person who, say, didn’t expect to have sex that night, makes an irresponsible decision about sex. But we will never be able to get into the bedroom. And this is something the conservatives have failed to realize.

So conservatives have difficulty understanding the feelings of people who want to have sex and not kids and they haven't realized that they can't prevent irresponsible people from having sex without contraceptives?

I wonder if Reeves has ever had a good, long discussion with a conservative.

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