Friday, February 13, 2009

Life Links 2/13/09

Francis Beckwith argues that being in favor of reducing abortion doesn't necessarily mean someone is prolife.
I and other pro-life activists have worked tirelessly over the years to reduce the number of abortions, but a numerical reduction is not our only goal. The prolife position is that all members of the human community, including the unborn, have inestimable and equal worth and dignity and thus are entitled to the fundamental protection of the laws. “Reducing the number of abortions” could occur in a regime of law in which this principle of justice is denied, and that is the regime that President Obama wants to preserve and extend. It is a regime in which the continued existence of the unborn is always at the absolute discretion of others who happen to possess the power to decide to kill them or let them live. Reducing the number of these discretionary acts of killing simply by trying to pacify and/or accommodate the needs of those who want to procure or encourage abortions only reinforces the idea that the unborn are subhuman creatures whose value depends exclusively on someone else’s wanting them or deciding that they are worthy of being permitted to live. So, in theory at least, there could be fewer abortions while the culture drifts further away from the prolife perspective and the law becomes increasingly unjust.

University of Wisconsin researchers have turned iPS cells into heart cells.
Kamp found that iPS cells can become heart cells as well as embryonic stem cells can, morphing into the three main types of heart muscle cells and beating in a dish after growing together for about eight days. Their electrical signals also are similar, he said.

But heart cells made from both kinds of stem cells have limitations. Only a fraction of the stem cells become heart cells, Kamp said. The heart cells could cause heart rhythm problems or cancer if transplanted into patients, he said, but researchers are working to address those issues. has pulled a Japanese video game in which players attempt to rape women and then force them to have abortions.

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