Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sycloria Williams tells the story of her botched abortion

The web site of the Florida Catholic has the story of Sycloria Williams' botched abortion in her own words.
What happened next haunts her to this day, Williams said. “It was like everything inside was coming out at once.”

Williams recalls grabbing the armrests of her chair and elevating herself to a squatting position, heels at the edges of her seat. The receptionist and staff kept telling her to sit down and close her legs, but she couldn’t comply. “There was just no stopping it,” she said.

Williams said she delivered her baby, Shanice, onto the recliner almost immediately after squatting. First amniotic fluid spilled out, then the baby dropped onto the cushion.

“When I saw that happen, I jumped off the chair and turned away, facing the wall,” Williams said.

Shanice’s body slid on the blood and amniotic fluids into the rear corner of the recliner because she was still attached to Williams by the umbilical cord. “When I jumped off I pulled her like into the back of the chair because she was still attached,” she said.....

Williams said in the immediate aftermath of the abortion, she did not have much time to digest what had happened. “I was very busy with everything.”

She does recall the most startling part: Her 23-week-old pregnancy looked like an actual baby.

“They never said anything to me that would make me think it was a baby. They never said anything like baby, fetus. Nothing. They only said things like ‘termination’ and ‘pregnancy’ and ‘termination of pregnancy,’” she said. “They cheated me because they didn’t tell me everything and the doctor wasn’t there.”

She said the staff’s reaction to the live birth made her feel disrespected. “They tried to make it look like this was my fault. Like I asked for this. … They wouldn’t admit to me the whole time something went wrong,” she said. “I feel like they treated me like nothing, like a nobody.”

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  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Have no sympathy for her, she knew it was a pregnancy, she knew she was growing a baby inside her and she knew that a clinic would give her an abortion.

    Some people just get high off of attention, from the media, from anti-choice groups who want to use he and her story.

    Can't feel sorry for her, she knew exactly what she was doing walking into that clinic.