Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life Links 7/17/08

The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and the Cape Cod Times all have articles on abortionist Rapin Osathanondh being indicted for manslaughter of Lauren Smith after botching her abortion in September of 2007. According to the Globe article, which has a PDF of the Board of Registration in Medicine’s allegations against Osathanondh,
The board alleged that Osathanondh had placed the patient under sedation without any means to monitor her heart rate, blood pressure, or the oxygen level of her blood. The board said the doctor had no qualified person assisting him while Smith was under anesthesia. The only other person in the room was an office worker who had no CPR or other training in lifesaving procedures.

The board added that Osathanondh "failed to timely initiate a call to 911," "failed to maintain an adequate airway," and "failed to adhere to basic cardiac life support protocol."

Osathanondh also allegedly made a variety of false statements to board investigators, telling them that he had administered Smith oxygen and monitored her oxygen levels and that his office worker was certified in lifesaving procedures. He allegedly tried to deceive investigators by expanding the size of his treatment room and bringing in new equipment, which he maintained was there at the time of the abortion.

The board said he also "fraudulently obtained renewal of his medical license by providing false information."

Researchers at the University of Michigan are selling photos of human embryonic stem cells as art at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Wesley Smith on the Great Ape Project in Spain.
Specifically, by including animals in the "community of equals" and in effect declaring apes to be persons, the Great Ape Project would break the spine of Judeo-Christian moral philosophy, which holds that humans enjoy equal and incalculable moral worth, regardless of our respective capacities, age, and state of health. Once man is demoted to merely another animal in the forest, universal human rights will have to be tossed out and new criteria devised to determine which human/animal lives matter and which individuals can be treated like, well, animals.

Stephen Waldman has a piece on “Obama, Abortion & Conspicuous Respectfulness.”

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