Friday, July 11, 2008

Life Links 7/11/08

Authorities in Texas have searched the backyard of a teenager who claims her mother forced her to take abortion pills and then buried the girl's child in their backyard. THe mother has pointed to spot where she buried the child.
The girl said after her mother discovered she was pregnant, they visited a woman and bought pills, rather than visit a clinic. The girl said her mother made her take them which brought on contractions the next day. The girl said she gave birth inside their home, then her mother took the baby. She added that she didn't know if the baby was dead or alive.

Bertha Bugarin has pleaded not guilty to the charges of practicting medicine (read - performing abortions) without a license which she faces in San Diego. She faces similar charges in the Los Angeles area. I love the quote from her attorney.
Bugarin's attorney told NBC 7/39 that everything isn't what it seems to be and the truth will come out in due time.
I just can't wait to hear how they'd spin this.

Here's a long article on how a man from Canada with Crohn's disease has improved with the help of adult stem cells.
Since his treatment this February, the 25-year-old has significantly fewer symptoms. Some days, signs of the disease, which range from abdominal cramping to diarrhea, are almost non-existent. An estimated 200,000 Canadians suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, of which Crohn's is a major form.

"I am 100-per-cent better than I was before," said Mr. Tytaneck.

But the success of the treatment, which took place over a few months and involved multiple bouts of chemotherapy, will take more than a year to determine.

Jack Lessenberry is probably the most intentionally deceptive journalist (if you can call him that) in Michigan. He knows that embryonic stem cell research is legal and occurring in Michigan yet he still chooses to deceive his readers. I'm continually amazed by how proponents of killing human embryos for research in Michigan can never provide a reason for why they need to kill human embryos in Michigan instead of just importing embryonic stem cells from other states like they've been doing for the last 6 years. I guess it's just easier to lie and claim embryonic stem cell research is banned and call the law against killing tiny human beings for research "medieval."

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