Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life Links 7/15/08

William McGurn's column in the Wall Street Journal focuses on the NAACP and black abortions.
Just imagine if this institution used its voice and resources to ensure that, beside all those Planned Parenthood clinics located in our minority neighborhoods, African-American women could find another kind of place. A place not unlike Good Counsel – where a scared young pregnant woman could carry her baby to term, complete her education, train for a new job, and be treated with the love and respect that a mother needs and deserves.

The UK's Daily Mail has an article on a British woman who has had seven abortions.

A woman in New Zealand had an abortion after being falsely diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Kudos to Alex Philippidis of the BioRegion News for this article on the ballot initiative in Michigan to overturn a law preventing research on human embryos. Rarely do I see an article on issues surrounding stem cell research which allow both sides to state their case in this kind of fair manner.

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