Friday, August 17, 2012

Tennesee abortion clinic goes out of business

An abortion clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee has closed. The Volunteer Women's Medical Clinic doesn't have an abortionist with admitting privileges.
The Volunteer Women's Medical Clinic had two physicians providing abortions. One died after suffering a stroke within days of obtaining hospital privileges, said clinic director Deb Walsh. Another retired physician working with the clinic has not obtained privileges.

"I've been able to keep the doors open and the phone staff working up until this week," Walsh wrote in a public letter titled, "End of an Era."
The other abortion clinic in Knoxville also seems to be struggling to find physicians willing to abort full-time.
In May, Dr. Morris Campbell obtained admitting privileges at University of Tennessee Medical Center. He died five days later. He was both a doctor providing services at the Volunteer Women's Medical Clinic and the medical director of the Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health.

In addition to losing Campbell, the Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health lost another part-time physician who had stepped forward to help after "she felt intimidated by pro-life protestors," Rovetti said.

The clinic is relying now on two part-time doctors with their own private practices who already have admitting privileges locally.

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