Thursday, August 02, 2012

Life Links 8/2/12

A Nigeria doctor has been arrested for murder after a botched abortion left a 22-year-old woman dead.
Anyanwu disclosed that Edeye's victim was 22-year-old Miss Tolani Adenuga, who was carrying a five-month old pregnancy, which she requested to be terminated.

The prosecutor said that the defendant claimed to have cautioned the deceased about the danger inherent in the procedure, but when she insisted proceeded to administer some undisclosed drugs on her.

In India, a woman has been arrested after allegedly forcing her daughter to have an abortion.
Udayasurya became pregnant and she was living with her husband, when her aunts Jeyarani, Punitha and eight others came to their house and forcibly abducted her on May 21, this year. She was taken to Tiruchuli and later to Ramanathapuram, where she was admitted to a private hospital. Udayasurya was told that she delivered a premature eight-month-old baby on May 27. Her mother had also allegedly told her that she had delivered a dalit boy and that it was a sin to touch it and therefore did not show the baby to the mother

Udayasurya's husband managed to get her back on June 20, after much struggle, but the girl was distraught as she did not know what happened to her baby. She lodged a complaint with the Aruppukottai All-Woman Police station, who conducted an inquiry and found that the girl had actually been forced to undergo an abortion.

The 9th Circuit Court has issued a temporary stay on Arizona's fetal pain law.
The appellate court put the ban on hold until a pending appeal is decided, which will take at least several months. It said in a brief order that it will hold a hearing as soon as possible this fall after receiving legal briefs due in September and October.

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