Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Trans-abdominal ultrasounds are invasive too!"

Oh, those pro-aborts and their phony concerns. After all the hullabaloo about abortionists being required to perform procedures they already perform and constantly likening some of those procedures to rape, Virginia legislation to require ultrasounds before abortions was modified so transvaginal ultrasound wouldn't be required.

Does this new exemption placate the abortion advocates who were so traumatized by the possibility of women seeking abortions getting the exact same ultrasound procedures they get anyway?

Of course not! Here's Fiona Carbody at the RH Reality Check blog asserting that trans-abdominal ultrasounds are "invasive" too:
McDonnell officially changed the ultrasound bill requirements yesterday. The new requirements do not qualify as rape under Virginia state law, but a trans-abdominal ultrasound is nonetheless an invasive and medically unnecessary procedure to force women seeking abortions to undergo. As a petition with over 33,000 signatures and delivered to McDonnell on Wednesday reportedly stated, the bill "insert[s] the government into women's personal, private medical decisions."

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