Friday, February 03, 2012

Komen's apology a PR gimmick?

Not all abortion advocates are excited about Komen's apology.
The Susan G. Komen Foundation released a statement moments ago that many are greeting as a reversal of their decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. On Twitter, the Breaking News feed called it a “pledge to continue funding Planned Parenthood,” while Glenn Greenwald called it “an amazing, Internet-driven victory.”

But it’s not.

The new statement does not pledge Komen to reverse its funding decision, and it does not promise Planned Parenthood any new funding....

Komen’s statement that Planned Parenthood will be “eligible” for new grants is a new development, but it commits Komen to nothing. There’s no reversal of the funding cutoff here, and no promise to reinstate Planned Parenthood funding.

This isn’t a victory. Not yet.

Maybe Komen still intends to choose other organizations (like ones that actually provide mammogram) for grants over Planned Parenthood and figures the individual denial of grants on an affiliate level will cause less of a media firestorm than the one they're currently in. Will local PP affiliates make a huge deal anytime they don't get an applied for Komen grant?

We'll wait and see, I guess.

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