Friday, August 07, 2009

Life Links 8/7/09

Penny Young Nance writes in the Baltimore Sun about how President Obama really just isn't that into prolifers.
The battles on Capitol Hill over Sonia Sotomayor and health care have convinced me that pro-life Americans should take a cue from a popular chick flick. A hit movie newly out on DVD recently proclaims a shocking truth to women who make excuses for the bad behavior of men they date. That fact is: If he lies, cheats and treats you disrespectfully, "he's just not that into you...."

How could he, you say? My fellow pro-lifers, grab a tissue and listen up. The truth is, he's not scared to get into a relationship, he hasn't lost your number, and he is not simply busy. Noooo. He is in bed with someone else. That's right! President Obama loves the abortion lobby. He takes their money and their calls, but more importantly, he does their bidding.
HT: Americans United for Life blog

Speaking of prolifers willing to make excuses for President Obama, what planet is Jim Wallis living on? He thinks "there is growing agreement from both pro-life and pro-choice that health-care reform should not include funding for abortion, but should be abortion-neutral." Yeah, that's why the pro-choice members of House and Senate committees keep voting down amendments which attempt to exclude abortion from health care reform. Ironically, Wallis' post is entitled "Truth-telling and responsibility in health care." At First Things, Keith Pavlischeck has more.

Representative Tim Ryan can't help himself from misleading people regarding his vote to allow tax-funded abortions in Washington, D.C.
Lastly, Ms. Day accused me of supporting a bill that allows public funding of abortion. That accusation is deliberately misleading. What I voted for was a large appropriations bill, a portion of which allowed Washington, D.C., residents to determine for themselves how they want to spend their own locally-generated, non-federal tax revenue. The bill did not tell Washington, D.C., residents what to do with their own money, and no federal funds were ever at stake.
Well, actually Representative Ryan, you voted against an amendment to that large appropriations bill which would have prevented the District of Columbia from using tax funds to pay for abortions. Note how weakly he defends himself from Day's accurate accusation that he "support(ed) a bill that allows public funding of abortion." He says the bill didn't force D.C. to fund abortion. Did Day ever say it did? He says federal funds weren't at stake. Did Day ever say they were? He arguing as if Day accused him of voting for a bill that "would force D.C. to use federal funds to pay for abortions."

Here's a chilling quote from a Detroit News article on embryonic stem cell research:
Robyn Kovacs of White Lake Township, who conceived a child through in-vitro fertilization, hopes it happens quickly so she can donate her 10 leftover frozen embryos. "They don't need to be sitting in a freezer," she said. "They should be doing something."
Apparently, they should be doing something like being killed and having their cells harvested for biomedical research.

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