Monday, August 24, 2009

Life Links 8/24/09

Time has an article on President Obama's lack of truth-telling when it comes to abortion and health care reform.
But this last statement, while technically correct, does not tell the whole story. The health-care reform proposed by House Democrats, if enacted, would in fact mark a significant change in the federal government's role in the financing of abortions.....

The member dues, or premiums, to pay for expanded abortion coverage would be segregated from the federal tax dollars by keeping the money in separate internal accounts. The problem is that all those who sign up for the public option would have to pay into the account for abortion coverage, an amount "not less than $1 per month," according to the legislation. So in effect, anyone who wanted to sign up for the public option, a federally funded and administered program, would find themselves paying for abortion coverage. "You are spreading the cost of the procedure over a public plan," explains Stupak. Under the legislation, the executive branch would have to make a determination that abortion is a basic medical service for the service to be provided, something that the Obama Administration is expected to do.....

In the meantime, (Democratic Congressman Bart) Stupak says that Obama's statements during recent public events signal one of two things: either he does not fully understand the current House bill, which Stupak maintains has the effect of publicly funding abortion, or "if he is aware of it, and he is making these statements, then he is misleading people."

A man in Nebraska has been convicted of first-degree sexual assault and felony theft after raping a 14-year-old girl and then stealing a painting of the Virgin Mary to pay for her abortion because the child was evidence of his crime. For some reason (maybe because she was too far along), the abortion "wasn't possible."

Prosecutors in South Korea want Hwang Woo-Suk to be sentenced to four years in jail for his role in faking stem cell and human cloning results.

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