Monday, January 26, 2009

March for Life 2009 pictures

I've posted some of my pictures at Flickr.

Barbara Curtis at Mommy Life has 477 pictures if you're interested more.

A few things that I found interesting were:

1. The large number of cops standing around. They were lined all the way up the March and then there were 18 cops (when I counted) standing on the steps to the Supreme Court. Is that number really necessary? Were they scared someone was going to storm the building?

2. As I noted in the last post, the minuscule number of pro-choicers. I think there are 5 somewhere in the picture below.

I think almost all of their pictures made it into large media publications. The third photo in the AP's story on the March has two pro-choicers who weren't in the LA Times photo.

The Washington Post article on the March ends with this:
Abortion-rights supporters traditionally haven't come out in force at the March for Life, but there were a few at the Supreme Court yesterday.

Alden Woodhull, 16, of the District organized a group of friends from her Catholic high school to stand outside the court with signs supporting the right to have an abortion.

"I just want people to know there's another side," she said. "Personally, I would choose to not have an abortion if I was pregnant. The point is, it would be my choice."

3. I know there are hundreds of thousands of people there but the March takes a long time to complete. I went up to the Supreme Court, took some pictures, listened to prolifers talk to the pro-choicers, listened to the testimony of a few women from Silent No More and then went back down Constitution Ave. I must have been at the Supreme Court building for at least 30 minutes but when I made my way back down, there was still no end of Marchers in sight.

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