Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life Links 1/27/09

I think we can officially say that Jim Wallis is drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. A progressive Beliefnet blog has a statement Wallis has issued regarding Obama's abortion policies. Apparently Obama's decision to delay the reversal of the Mexico City policy by one day and his statement in support of Roe v. Wade which includes the words "common ground" is enough to get Wallis enthused. Beliefnet blogger Paul Raushenbush is correct when he guesses Obama's symbolic actions will mean very little to prolife activists. We're not the type to fawn over empty gestures and the delaying of prolife policy reversals by a solitary day. That's the role of Democrats who put their adoration of Obama above the lives unborn children.

Peter Wehner writes,
For liberals like Wallis and Dionne, this kind of empty symbolism, combined with Obama invoking words like “a new conversation” and “common ground” (which for Wallis and Dionne are like petting the belly of a cat) constitutes bipartisanship and real outreach.

This is silliness of a high order. What matters is reality, not PR gimmicks. These are serious times requiring seriousness of mind and thought and analysis. One would hope that Wallis and Dionne and their fellow “progressives” would cast aside the spin and propaganda, to say nothing of evincing baldfaced intoxication when it comes to Obama.

Aspen Baker has a piece on her blog entitled "Pro-Voice Solution" which while contain a number of false assertions has a rather honest description of what prolife and pro-choice people believe.
Thus pro-life people believe that protecting the growing life within a woman is paramount, even if the woman herself does not want to carry the child. And pro-choice people believe that her right to do as she chooses with her own body is more important than the value of what’s growing inside of her.

AUL has their annual state rankings out and Michigan has slipped from the #1 state at defending life to #13 because of Proposal 2.

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