Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Life Links 1/7/09

David Freddoso on the bailout the abortion industry desires.
Among the many left-wing interests that have submitted wish lists to the Obama transition team is a conglomeration of 50 abortion-advocacy groups, all of whom want the U.S. taxpayer to stand and deliver. When their 55-page report to Obama calls for an end to “ideologically driven government restrictions,” it really means that the government should be paying more of the bills for groups that advocate and perform abortions.

The University of Wisconsin is planning to provide late second trimester abortions after the area's only second trimester abortion clinic has been taken over by Planned Parenthood, which will only provide abortions up to 18 weeks.

Wesley Smith notes that scientists are still struggling with the problem of embryonic stem cells being pre-cancerous.
The problem, apparently, is that abnormalities are submicroscopic and can't be determined before they transform into specific body tissues (differentiation).

Bonnie Erbe is putting the blame of some Latina women in New York City and elsewhere using off-label prescription drugs and home remedies to induce abortions at the feet of the right wing. Unfortunately, no argument is provided to how the right wing is at fault.

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