Monday, April 07, 2008

Life Links 4/7/08

Jeff Jacoby on sex-selection abortion in America.
Most Americans rightly regard sex-selective abortions as odious; in a 2006 Zogby poll, an overwhelming 86 percent of Americans agreed that such abortions should be illegal. But they're not illegal - and as economists Douglas Almond and Lena Edlund indicate in the latest issue of PNAS, they are now occurring in the United States, too.

Almond and Edlund examined the ratio of boys to girls among US children born to Chinese, Korean, and Indian parents. For the first children of these Asian-American families, the sex ratio was the normal 1.05-to-1. But when the first baby is a girl, the odds of the second being a boy rose to 1.17-to-1. After two sisters, the likelihood of the third being a son leaped to 1.51-to-1. This is clear "evidence of sex selection, most likely at the prenatal stage," the authors write.

A young woman in the Grand Rapids area with a spinal cord injury continues to make progress with physical therapy and adult stem cell injections.

The Los Angeles Times has an article on Dallas Hextell, a young boy with cerebral palsy who has made dramatic improvements after being treated with his own umbilical cord stem cells.

Wesley Smith notes Hillary's clintonesque support of Oregon's assisted suicide policy.

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