Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Life Links 4/2/08

Michael Gerson has a column in the Washington Post on Obama's abortion extremism.

Brave New Britain marches on as researchers at Newcastle University announced they've created cloned hybrid embryos using nuclei from human somatic cells and the eggs of cows. None of the embryos lived long enough for researchers to extract embryonic stem cells.

Prolife students at the University of Calgary have refused to comply with their university's order to hide their display which features images of aborted children.

Michael Clark and Jennifer Lahl have a long article in First Things where they argue that egg harvesting is the newest form of human trafficking.

At East of Eden, Ann Marie shares how she became prolife.

Sarah at CEC for Life shares the story and pictures of a toddler whose life she played a role in saving when she worked for Stand True Ministries.

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