Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Life Links 7/12/06

Interesting discussion on abortion, Democrats for Life and the difference between killing and death at Mirror of Justice blog between Richard Stith, Thomas Berg and Stith again.

The natives are again restless with NARAL and Planned Parenthood over their endorsements of Joe Lieberman over Ned Lamott. The key issues seem to be Lieberman voting for cloture on Alito's nomination (even though he voted against his nomination) and not wanting to force certain hospitals (probably Catholic hospitals) to give emergency contraception to rape victims.

Jessica Valenti of Feministing and the Bush v. Choice blog interviews Katha Pollitt on feminism. At the top of the third page of the interview Jessica asks a rather keen question regarding abortion and how Katha treats abortion as opposed to other decisions/actions by women and I don't think Katha provides a very good answer (but she does scorch a strawman prolife argument).

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