Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Debate on Child Custody Protection Act

I'm watching the debate on the Child Custody Protection Act and some of the debate has been a sad lesson at how poor the reasoning of some of our senators is. Senator Lautenberg made an assertion like "I can't believe our federal government only allows abstinence-only education."

Senator Clinton used an example of a daughter being raped by her father and how the girl's sister wouldn't be allowed to take her across state lines to help her have an abortion. The raped girl would then have to go to the authorities to get a judicial bypass.

Senator Ensign points out that getting a judicial bypass would then get the authorities involved so the girl could be removed from the abusive situation. If the girl crossed state lines for an abortion then the authorities wouldn't have gotten involved.

Senator Boxer argued that the bill allows fathers who commit incest to take their daughters across state lines for abortion.

Senator Ensign points out how the bill has nothing to do with that situation because a father wouldn't have to cross state lines to avoid parental consent law because he is one of the parents.

Senator Boxer argues that the bill protects those who commit incest. "Period. End of sentence." No argument is provided. No reasoning. She also mentioned that grandparents could be arrested.

Senator Ensign argues that if a grandparent really cares about the child, they should be contacting the authorities regarding the incest not taking the daughter across state lines for an abortion.

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