Monday, June 03, 2013

Patient of abortionist George Tiller remembers elective 24 week abortion

At the Abortion Gang blog, a former patient of abortionist George Tiller describes her elective 24 week abortion.  While abortion advocates often act like no one would wait so late in their pregnancy to have an elective abortion, here's a pro-abortion blog relaying how a woman waited until she was 24 weeks to seek an abortion. 
Although I had been raised in a solidly pro-choice family, I was incredibly ashamed of myself for getting pregnant and found that denial was the easy out. I tried everything I could in the beginning to force miscarriage; I remember hitting myself in the stomach, getting so drunk I would hold a trash bag to throw up into and then drink more, and taking every medication I had in my little apartment in the hopes that something would work. Nothing did.

My boyfriend was living in another state and I will never forget the phone call I made from our little apartment to tell him the news. I'm lucky today that I can call him husband; it was this pregnancy situation that helped me see what a wonderful man he is. After hearing about the pregnancy, he resigned his internship and jumped on a plane the next day to come home. We went to our local clinic and, of course, were told I was too far along for them to help. 24 weeks pregnant. 24 weeks.

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