Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life Links 6/20/13

In light of the problems at the Delaware Planned Parenthood, state legislators are working on legislation which allows employee complaints to prompt inspections.  Obviously, this isn't ideal legislation and but even some pro-abortion legislators are recognizing that Planned Planned shouldn't be accrediting itself. 
The legislation would allow clinic employees to lodge complaints with public health officials that could prompt an inspection, and mandate independent accreditation of any facility that performs invasive procedures. The second change targets Planned Parenthood, which accredits its own facilities.

"There were certainly some problems earlier this year," said Senate President Pro Tem Patricia Blevins, D-Elsmere, a co-sponsor on the bill. "And it was the state that caught them, not the accrediting body. That certainly raised some concerns in our eyes."       

Faye Sonier points out how Canadian abortion advocate Joyce Arthur misuses a poll in an effort to get reporters to ignore prolifers.
When Canadians label themselves as ‘pro-choice,' they don't mean it the same way Arthur does. Most believe there actually are some restrictions on abortion access and that those limits on access are reasonable. For example, the same survey reveals that nearly half of Canadians believe that abortion is only accessible during the first trimester. When they say they are pro-choice, they are pro-choice in that they support a law they wrongly believe exists. 

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