Friday, May 31, 2013

Life Links 5/31/13

The woman from El Salvador whom abortion advocates have been claiming (for weeks) would die if she didn't get an abortion will have a early Caesarean section delivery of her child next week, according to the Telegraph. 

For some reason, the title of one abortion advocate's article is claiming a Caesarean delivery is an "emergency abortion" though the writer admits it's not an abortion in the article.  They must have really wanted that "life-saving" abortion.

A Preferred Woman's Health Center abortion clinic in Charlotte, which was closed by the state and then allowed to re-open, will continue to be monitored by the state.  The clinic was giving women injectable methotrexate and having them drink it from a cup.  The National Abortion Federation (PWHC is a certified NAF clinic) actually defends the practice based on a single study from decades ago.  
Dr. Mitchell Creinin, a California-based obstetrician who was among the first to study methotrexate abortion procedures, questioned the practices at the Charlotte clinic.

"There is sufficient data to be using methotrexate but not the way they used it," said Creinin, who is the chairman for the University of California Davis' Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. "It's no different than hearing about an orthopedic surgeon cutting off the wrong leg."

But National Abortion Federation medical director Dr. Matthew Reeves said the Charlotte clinic's use of methotrexate wasn't as risky as Creinin implied.

The National Abortion Federation, a professional association representing abortion providers, recommends A Preferred Woman's Health Center as one of three abortion clinics in Charlotte.

Reeves noted that a Canadian physician a couple of decades ago studied the effectiveness of orally giving patients liquid methotrexate to induce abortions. That study found the method to be safe and effective, Reeves said.

But Creinin said one study is not sufficient to support the drug's use in that way.

A Wisconsin man has been convicted of attempted murder after he drove to Madison with a gun and said he wanted to kill an abortionist. 
Lang was arrested May 25, 2011, by police responding to his accidentally firing the weapon through his motel room door. He allegedly told them that he wanted to kill abortion providers who were killing babies at the Planned Parenthood clinic on the city's east side.

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