Friday, March 23, 2012

UK abortionists break law too

A solid percentage of abortion providers in the UK are willing to break the law to avoid abortionists actually having to see women or knowing something about her circumstances before providing abortions.
Spot checks at more than 250 abortion clinics this week found evidence of blank forms being signed in anticipation of patients seeking a termination.

The law states that, except in emergencies, two doctors must agree for a woman to have an abortion.

Although doctors do not have to see the woman in person, they must certify that they are aware of her circumstances and why she wants to go ahead with the procedure......

Of more than 250 clinics investigated so far, it is thought 15% to 20% may be breaking the law.
Britain's leading abortion advocate Ann Furendi was more dismayed that the media were informed than around 50 abortionists were breaking the law.

The BBC has a video of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley explaining why pre-signing abortion forms is illegal.

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