Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life Links 3/15/12

The Detroit Free Press has an article on Michigan State women's basketball player Lykendra Johnson, her unplanned pregnancy and her daughter.
As MSU learned it would be heading to Wichita, Kan., to play Northern Iowa in the first round of the NCAA tournament, Johnson learned something, too.

"It wasn't fatigue," she said. "That's when I first found out."

She found out she was pregnant, and had been pregnant for most of the season, including when she had 16 points and 17 rebounds against Ohio State in February and 24 points and 12 rebounds against Penn State. The pregnancy -- former MSU men's player Delvon Roe was the father -- was a shocking surprise.

A California man was given 25 to life for killing his girlfriend and her unborn child.
A man who admitted to strangling his pregnant girlfriend, killing her and her 4-month-old fetus, was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years to life in state prison.

Michael LaBrunda pleaded guilty to both first-degree murder for killing 21-year-old Alisha Chapman of Westminster on Oct. 10, 2007, and second-degree murder for killing the fetus, Los Angeles County prosecutors said.

In Reason, Steve Chapman writes about the real war on women.
If the effort to limit the contraceptive mandate were truly a frontal assault on women, a majority of them would not be endorsing the offensive. But the ideology of groups like Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women (NOW) sometimes ignores inconvenient gender realities.

Those advocates have been distracted from a different and far less figurative war on women—which, as it happens, is helped rather than hindered by one of the "reproductive rights" they champion. Legal abortion may empower women, but it has also become a powerful method for the mass elimination of females.

Bookmark this to respond to arguments that "no one likes abortion".....
I love abortion. I don't accept it. I don't view it as a necessary evil. I embrace it. I donate to abortion funds. I write about how important it is to make sure that every woman has access to safe, legal abortion services. I have bumper stickers and buttons and t-shirts proclaiming my support for reproductive freedom. I love abortion.

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