Monday, October 03, 2011

Share your abortion story but don't say anything about the actual abortion

That's the theme of 1 in 3 campaign share your story "My Story" videos. One woman mentions the doctor and says he was nice but there's no description of what happens in the clinic or during the procedure.

Isn't odd that a campaign designed to get women to talk about their abortions, starts with a bunch of videos of women not really talking about their abortions but rather talking about the circumstances in their life when they had abortions?

There's also continuous use of "choice" rhetoric despite some of testimonies including claims that abortion was the "only thing" the woman could do.

In the pre-Roe stories, however, we hear how abortions were performed, including details.

If post-Roe abortions are so much better than pre-Roe abortions, then why avoid describing what happens in a post-Roe abortion?

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