Monday, October 10, 2011

Life Links 10/10/11

Secular Pro-life and Gerald Nadal both write on the death of prolife advocate Kourtney Blythe Gordon and her unborn child.
Last night, Students for Life of America field coordinator Kortney Blythe Gordon was killed in a two-car accident in Georgia. Also killed were her unborn daughter, Sophy, and a person from the other car who has not been identified. Several other individuals were injured. There are not many details at this time.

A woman in Milwaukee has been arrested after she allegedly removed a child from another woman's womb. This resulted in both the death of the mother and child. The suspect called the police and claimed she had recently given birth and her child wasn't breathing.
Milwaukee police said the 33-year-old suspect removed the full-term baby from Maritza Ramirez-Cruz' uterus "by force," but did not elaborate.

The suspect called 911 on Thursday saying she had given birth at home and that the baby wasn't breathing, police said. An autopsy and investigation led police back to the suspect's home Friday where they found the 23-year-old mother's body in the basement. The woman was arrested but has not been charged in the case.

Isaac Barchus, a nine-year-old boy with a rare disease called CANDLE syndrome will receive a stem cell transplant, the first of its kind for someone with his condition.
The condition is CANDLE syndrome, an autoinflammatory disease named only last year. So far, his case is one of only nine described in the medical literature, said Dr. Adam Reinhardt, a pediatric rheumatologist at Children's Hospital & Medical Center......

The goal of the stem cell transplant, which will use stem cells derived from a donor's blood, is to stabilize Isaac's condition until specific drugs become available to treat it, said Reinhardt, who has cared for Isaac for the past three years.

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