Friday, August 19, 2011

Seven Arizona Planned Parenthood clinics stop performing abortion

Seven Planned Parenthood clinics in Arizona will no longer be performing abortions thanks to prolife legislation.
The organization had been offering abortions at 10 of its 13 Arizona locations. Starting today, that will drop to three.

Planned Parenthood eliminated the services after an Arizona appellate court last week upheld a 2009 state law that placed new restrictions on abortions in the state, including authorizing only physicians to perform surgical abortions.......

Cathi Herrod, president for the Center for Arizona Policy, a socially conservative organization that helped author the 2009 law, said the new requirements are about safety and raising "the standard of care" for women.

"The real story here is that Planned Parenthood has chosen to end their services rather than raise that standard of care to be at the same level as other medical care in the state," Herrod said. "The real story here is that they can't find doctors to perform these services. I think that's telling."
And especially note this ooopsie...
Planned Parenthood estimates that one in five of the women it sees is seeking an abortion.
Wait, what happened to abortion being a such a small part (3% right?) of what Planned Parenthood does?

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