Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life Links 8/24/11

Rick Perry has signed the Susan B. Anthony List's presidential prolife pledge.
"I not only pledge to protect unborn life, but have a record of doing so in Texas," Perry said in a statement. "I have signed legislation requiring parental consent for a minor to obtain an abortion, and have long advocated adoption as an alternative to abortion in order to protect unborn children."

Rapper Lil' Wayne's upcoming music video release includes a scene where a woman leaves an abortion clinic.
The Chris Robinson-directed clip is filled with drama and social commentary, telling the story of a beautiful young woman who stumbles into every imaginable pitfall.

The video opens in an abortion clinic, where a woman lies in a gown on the operating table. Suddenly she changes her mind and flies off the table and through the clinic's hall, choosing to keep her child.

In an update, the three individuals in Scotland who killed a young woman because she aborted one of their children have been sentenced for their crime.
The 15-year-old had sworn revenge on Miss Muir who had become pregnant by him and then had a termination before going back with a former boyfriend.

The teenager and 34-year-old George Stewart yesterday appeared at the High Court in Glasgow after admitting the culpable homicide of Miss Muir.

Emma Merrilees, 20 - who struck the fatal blow during the brutal assault - joined them in the dock after pleading guilty to a murder charge.

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