Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life Links 5/26/10

The Alan Guttmacher Institute has a study on ob/gyns who planned on performing abortions once they started practicing but didn't.
Eighteen physicians had wanted to offer elective abortions after residency, but only three were doing so at the time of the interview. The majority were unable to provide abortions because of formal and informal policies imposed by their private group practices, employers and hospitals, as well as the strain that doing so might put on relationships with superiors and coworkers. Restrictions on abortion provision sometimes were made explicit when new physicians interviewed for a job, but sometimes became apparent only after they had joined a practice or institution. Several physicians mentioned the threat of violence as an obstacle to providing abortions, but few considered this the greatest deterrent.

Apparently, one of American Idol competitor Crystal Bowersox's unreleased songs is about abortion. From the Lake County News-Sun:

"Here's a thought provoker," Prince says. "It's about abortion." "This is quite a life you've laid in front of me," she sings among layers of strings, mandolin, percussion, music box, saxophone and backup vocals. "You don't want it, so let's just throw it out." It's the one track on which Bowersox sounds like the powerhouse she's proved herself to be on national TV.

The BBC is reporting that a man in Jordan killed his daughter when he attempted to cover up his sexual abuse by cutting the unborn child (whom he admitted to fathering) out of her body.
In his testimony to police in the region north-east of Amman, the 46-year-old man said after he discovered that his daughter was pregnant with his child, he took a carpet-cutter and cut her open with it.

He then removed the foetus and threw it away, reports said.

"The 19-year-old woman died on Sunday morning of severe internal bleeding after her father performed an abortion to get rid of a five-month-old foetus to hide his crime," a police spokesman told the Agence France Presse news agency.

He stitched up the wound, but he could not stop her bleeding and she died soon after.

The Oklahoma Senate has joined the Oklahoma House in overriding Governor Brad Henry's veto of a bill which requires women seeking abortions to provide basic information.

The Telegraph goes over some the UK's recently released abortion stats.

Rock for Life and American Life League have split ways but ALL's press release indicates they'll still sell Rock for Life merchandise and seems to indicate they plans on continuing to use the Rock for Life name.

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