Monday, August 28, 2006

LifeLinks 8/28/06

Serge is taking the time to post studies on emergency contraception/Plan B and explain what they found and explain why the manufacturer of the drug lists preventing implantation as a possible effect. Both are definitely worth the read.

Wesley Smith has an article at the Weekly Standard discussing Advanced Cell Technology's "Science by Press Release" and notes how ACT has previously used the media to promote its research.

Robert George on ACT's experiments:
"If nothing else, the work of the ACT scientists implicitly acknowledges the need to find sources of stem cells that do not require embryo destruction. This acknowledgement by stem cell scientists, met as it has been by support and encouragement from the president, Congress, and with last week's flurry of news also the general public, points the way out of a needless controversy over stem-cell research, and toward scientific promise all Americans can support."

Ramesh Ponnuru responds to a critique of his book.

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