Thursday, May 08, 2014

Emily Letts Q and A with Philadelphia Magazine on abortion decision

After Cosmopolitian magazine publish abortion counselor Emily Letts’ explanation of filming her abortion, she’s received a fair amount of media coverage, including a Q and A with Philadelphia Magazine.  

The Cosmo article shows how the Cherry Hill clinic has pretty low standards for who can be an abortion counselor.
I reached out to Cherry Hill right after I finished my training. I asked to volunteer, but instead they asked me to come in for a job interview. I was hired on the spot to be one of the clinic’s abortion counselors.
In her interview Letts shares how she has a special relationship with the image of her aborted child.  
But you do understand that there's a huge segment of the population that looks at you as a murderer, that you have destroyed life that God created? You can't deny that this was at least potential life, and that you ended it.

Yes, I do realize it was potential life. I have a special relationship with my ultrasound. People say it sounds weird, it’s my process. I realize it was potential life, and I love it in my own special way. I’m not glib and cavalier. I’m comfortable with my decisions.

After claiming not to be glib and cavalier, Letts then comes off as glib and cavalier regarding her decision not to use birth control.
Yes, and that here you are, counseling women about their reproductive choices, when many see you as irresponsible in your own decisions.

It's been an unexpected departure from what I thought I was going to talk about. I'm not quite sure what people want me to say.

I wasn't on hormonal birth control, and I wasn't consistently sexually active. I wasn't super interested in putting hormones in my body. I tried to get an IUD five years ago, but it was like $600.

So, yes, I am a sex educator, and I didn't use a condom. Yeah. Absolutely. How many times did you do something that you knew had consequences but you did it anyway? How many times did you not wear your bike helmet? How many times did you get in a car with someone who had been drinking?

It was a mistake to not use a condom. Life is full of mistakes. It happens.

Letts also reveals that not all of her clinics patients are filled with relief after an abortion.
Trust me. I counsel women on grief and loss all the time. You feel very much like you're saying goodbye, a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of giving up an idea.

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    "How many times did you not wear your bike helmet?"

    Umm, never?

    "How many times did you get in a car with someone who had been drinking?"

    Umm, never ever?!?!