Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abortion clinic escort has no clue what a 12-week fetus looks like

Everysaturdaymorning is a blog authored by abortion clinic escorts who volunteer at an abortion clinic in Louisville. In a recent post, Servalbear made fun of abortion protestors and sidewalk counselors for using fetal models and shows a complete lack of knowledge regarding fetal development.
The plastic toys are supposed to be 12-week fetuses. They do not resemble a fetus to me. This is a photo I found of them for sale on Etsy so you can judge for yourself.
Servalbear then posts a picture of a plastic fetal model which appears to be identical to the ones sold by Heritage House.

Apparently, out of ignorance Servalbear believes these models don't resemble a fetus when that's nearly exactly what 10 - 12 week human fetuses look like.

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