Monday, June 04, 2012

Persuasion is now apparently beyond the pale at Auckland University

Auckland University has apparently caught a sickness which has previously taken hold in Canada.
Auckland University Student Association president Arena Williams has called for a special general meeting next month, which could see ProLife Auckland being barred from associating itself with the university.

An announcement for the meeting said the association would consider whether the "Prolife Club be disaffiliated for propagating harmful misinformation [sic]".

"Recently we've received complaints from students after [ProLife Auckland] handed out fliers at the campus," said Williams.

"On the fliers there was information which some felt was pressuring them into making different decisions than they normally would."

The horror!!!

No word on whether the debate club will also be purged.

The idiocy continues:
Williams said it was not appropriate for her to say how the distributed information was harmful.
So the club should be banned for distributing harmful but no evidence is provided for how it was harmful? Classic.

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