Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Links 10/28/10

By now, you may have already seen this YouTube video of clips of a debate on Colorado's personhood amendment (Amendment 62) which show members of Planned Parenthood's Advocates for Choice making a variety of embarrassing statements on science, fetal development, etc. What I find most interesting is the "there's people on our side and research that says that the heart doesn't beat ‘til 24 weeks" comment. This young woman obviously knows next to nothing about fetal development and I can imagine why - how the unborn child develops is not something most abortion advocates care to learn about.

The only reason I can think of that she would have said something about "24 weeks" would have to viability, right? I think she thinks an unborn's heart doesn't start beating until the child is viable.

A man in Pennsylvania has been arrested after attacking his pregnant ex-girlfriend. She told him she was pregnant and wasn't going to get an abortion. He told her she was going to get an abortion and hit her in the lower abdominal area.
Steven Lee Dry, 32, of Parkesburg, is facing charges including first-degree felony aggravated assault of an unborn child, first-degree felony aggravated assault and simple assault.....

The woman told police that Dry is her ex-boyfriend. She informed him that she was pregnant and was not going to have an abortion, according to court documents.

After she told Dry the news, she said he grabbed her neck "and repeatedly struck her in the lower abdominal area," according to court documents.

He told her she was "getting rid of that baby" and "you must have an abortion so I never have to see you again," according to court documents.

There's been more coverage of the aborted babies in dumpster incident in Michigan including the Lansing State Journal, Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press.

Charles Camosy, one of the organizers of a recent conference about abortion and finding common ground at Princeton, believes the conference was at least partially sucessful. RH Reality Check's Aimee Thorne-Thomson disagrees.

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