Friday, August 17, 2007

Life Links 8/17/07

An Australian Health Services Commissioner is discussing her abortion in an attempt to persuade members of Australia's parliament to overturn the country's law against abortion (the law isn't currently in effect because of a court ruling). Note this part,
"That doesn't mean that I don't have any regrets or that it wasn't awful. Back in those days, though, because we were fighting hard for women's legal right for abortion, you weren't really allowed to admit that you had suffered any distress or trauma … because we were engaged in a social and political battle."
An admission that some supporters of legal abortion didn't mention their traumatic experiences with legal abortion because they were in a political battle.

Anthony Powell, the judge who was set to hear the case against George Tiller has recused himself because "the statements he had made about the defendant while he was a Kansas legislator could give the appearance of a lack of objectivity."

A British man suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) is undergoing an adult stem cell transplant tomorrow in the hopes that it will help treat him. He is part of a 5-person clinical trial.
The hospital's MS specialists will drill into his bone marrow, extract the stem cells, which act as a repair system for the body, and re-inject them into his veins.

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