Monday, January 23, 2006

Pro-choice quotes

Warning: follow the following links at your own risk as they will expose you to foul language and even worse thinking.

Daily Kos diarist Maryscott O'Connor: "Bottom line: that may well be a human being in there, but it's an awfully TINY one, and I'm going to have to lower the boom. I don't wish to house and feed it for 9 months, let alone 18 years; for reasons whose details are my OWN and NO ONE else's to examine, dissect, judge or measure, I do not wish to carry this potential human being to term. Thusly, I will make my medical decision and MURDER it, if you want to use that term."

Daily Kos commenter Teresa in PA: "why rare? that's kind of political pander is it not? Abortion is already rare and I think it should be more frequent since there are many women who would like to get abortions but can not because of circumstances beyond their control or because they have been quilted and misinformed."

Daily Kos commenter Felagund: "Thanks Teresa for raising this point. I wish abortion was more common. Mrs. F teaches in a local public school and it is obvious that at least half the children there were either unwanted at the time, still unwanted, or produced by people financially and/or emotionally incapable of caring for them. This makes the children themselves deeply problematic. It's no coincidence that the decline in rates of violent crime and the evidently temporary existence of legal abortion go hand in hand....There are lots and lots of people who have children they shouldn't, and we and society would be better off encouraging them to think of abortion as not only a practical but a moral good."

Lisaerei: "March for Life, today, outside my building.

Too bad I forgot my Glock 19 at home...

The other option was to simulate a pregnancy and have Joe do a home-made abortion by punching me in the stomach mid-march, although, i get the feeling that would either result in him being arrested or stoned to death."

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